Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror

Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror - Mike Tucker

(I got a copy courtesy of NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)

Second Twelfth Doctor novel I read, and one I liked better than Silhouette. I'd say it's typical-enough Doctor Who, perhaps closer to some of the older adventures than to the most recent ones, in its theme and some of its elements? Namely giant insects and technology snagged from the Nazis—there's always something both eyeroll-worthy yet deliciously "old-fashioned" to find in such aspects, as far as I'm concerned. ("Old-fashioned", in that it always reminds of older stories I was reading back when I was a kid and WWII/the Cold War were still present in our minds. Nowadays, these themes feel like they're going further and further away from us.)

The Doctor and Clara investigate mysterious cobwebs and mutant insects in a small village known for its ring of ancient stones, as well as a few other curious things (either in the present or in the past). At first, they don't seem to be really linked together, but the author makes all those lines converge together in a timely fashion.

Not having seen many episodes with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, I'm not completely sure if the character in this book is really close to the one portrayed in the series. He felt close enough, at least, and clearly different from Eleven, at any rate. Clara isn't always present, and depending on whether you like her character or not, this will be a good or a bad thing. I wasn't too convinced, but that may be because I thought she didn't have too much of an important role (and she should have—this is the novel where we learn


Jenny taught her to pick locks,

(show spoiler)



after all).

A few editing mistakes/typos, that I hope aren't in the final printed version. The writing style's alright: not too complicated, not too simple (with a couple of redundancies now and then, but nothing too bad from what I could see). Dialogues sound similar to the ones in the show. Overall, it indeed reads like a DW episode, and I liked that.