Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen - Garth Nix

Not what I expected. The Old Kingdom looked like it was fraying, but I thought this wanted for more details about why everyone was shirking their duties, hiding their Charter marks, etc. What about the lost princess? Did everyone just run away because reasons/pressure/not wanting to bother?

Clariel wasn't a character I could push myself to care for (too whiny, too much "I want to go back to the Forest" too often...). The first half of the book was kind of boring, and then when things started to pick up, Clariel still seemed like she wanted revenge for something that she didn't feel that strongly about (still going on about "when this is over, I can finally go to the Forest", yadda-yadda). Also, the vague romance bit was, IMHO, plucked out of nowhere. It didn't bring anything to the story, and there wasn't even any particular reason for it to happen.

The ending left me feel wanting for more, considering who Clariel was fated to become. It would have been more interesting for me if it had ended on a clearer note in the latter regard. It could've been so much more...