Death Times Two

Death Times Two - C.J. Ellisson, Boone Brux

(I read this book as part of the Nine By Night set, which I got on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Since I'm not going to read all nine books in one go, I'm posting short reviews separately.)

I couldn't get into this one at all, never knowing if it was supposed to be humorous or serious. Lisa seemed a silly stereotype, and apart from Asa, the other characters were just brushed over, in a way that made me feel that the ghost-reaping plot had to be solved as fast as possible for the protagonists to finally have sex. Which might have worked, why not, only the almost slapstick-like side of the story didn't mesh well with it in my opinion (I contemplated facepalming for real when it came to a point where Lisa

asked Asa to put his hands in her pants while kissing her so that a ghost couldn't enter her to possess her).

(show spoiler)

It read more like an amateur fic (with typical vaguely porny vocabulary) than an actual novel.