Authors vs. Goodreads

Authors vs. Goodreads - Zoe Desh

(Adding this now only because at the time I read it, it wasn't on BL yet. Curiosity got the best of me, in any case.)


The fact that I read this to escape boredom is a testimony to how things have been going very slowly at work these past days. My second reason was curiosity, since I saw it pop regularly on my feed. Could it be so bad?

I guess it could.

Conclusion after reading: someone got butthurt, and the few valid points that might have been made here got lost in the whine and woe-is-me attitude. Goodreads is far from being a perfect place, but it's also far from being the troll-infested nest this booklet depicts. (Trust me on that and go have a dive in /b/ for a change. If you don't know what /b/ refers to, then you haven't seen real trolling yet.)

Also, using STGRB as a reference deemed as appropriate = instant loss of points on my personal credibility scale.

(But let's applaude the marketing stunt all the same, making so many people read this booklet. The next step will be likely to use all the reviews as examples of "trolling".)