Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland (The White Rabbit Chronicles) - Gena Showalter

Not convinced. The title and cover were definitely misleading, and I didn't find here the "Wonderland retelling" it had led me to expect (it could've been a great retelling, I'm sure).

The particular take on the zombies here... Why not. The rest... didn't work for me, probably because it involved a lot of clichés I'm very peculiar about.
* Insta-love.
* Ain-t-telling-you-nothing-itis. There was a point where if Cole had once more told Alice "You tell me" as an answer to her questions, I'd probably have stopped reading. You know what, characters? Answer the damn questions, because the readers want to know.
* Alpha-male giving orders and demanding that the girl obeys without questioning has gotten old last century. Girl claiming she won't jump at his every commande while still doing it is even worse.
* Villains who could've done so much more, but were more an unprepared eyesore than anything else. I'm not talking of the zombies here.

Too bad, because if those things hadn't been here, I'd probably have felt more invested, and would have wanted to borrow the second book