A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness

Definitely a book that everyone can enjoy, no matter how young or old, and that will push you to reflect upon life, suffering, losing what's dear to you, and facing the truths you do not want to see.

I liked how "raw" this novel was, in its dealings with illness. While THAT illness is a theme that always creeps me out, here it was handled in a way that didn't make me turn away. It was easy to understand what it was about, without getting into details (which wouldn't have served much of a purpose here anyway); yet it was also raw, in that it didn't waste its time. The symbolism stood for itself, without any need for melodrama (a common shortcoming in stories about illness in general, I think).

It was easy to know where it was going. However, this predictability didn't make it less powerful in the end.