The Crimson Campaign

The Crimson Campaign - Brian  McClellan

I enjoyed this one more than the first one—probably because, with the foundations of his world now established, the author focused more this time on the characters. There were some really good insights into Tamas's mind (his feelings at seeing all his loved ones always taken away from him, his burning desire for revenge against Niklaus...), and Adamat's family, as well as Bo's character, were given more importance. Also, epic battles and military campaigns and burnt earth tactics and...

I still wish we'd learn more about Ka-poel and Nila, though. The first one because her sorcery's so interesting yet her motives still veiled (she can't just be Taniel's love interest), the second one because of her involvement with Jakob, where her lotalties lie, and the choices she'd be potentially led to make, especially considering the situation at the end of the novel.

Well, now for the library to list volume 3, so that I can borrow it... ^^