The Eyre Affair

The Eyre Affair  - Jasper Fforde

Entertaining and clever in many ways, but lacking focus. The actual premise I thought I would read about (Jane Eyre being kidnapped from her own story) doesn't happen before three quarters of the book, and a great deal of time is devoted to developing the world in which Thursday lives—which is good in terms of world building, yet not so much when it comes to pacing.

I also had a hard time with a few storytelling tricks that seldom work for me, especially:
- The narrative being in 1st person POV, but still letting us know about other characters when the narrator isn't there to witness the events.
- An important scene being told not as it's happening, but afterwards, in the shape of the character being questioned. (I really dislike being tricked out of scenes like that.)

A tiny wee 2* here. I may pick the second novel from the library someday, as the world and the possibility it offers are interesting. Not in a hurry, though.