Prodigy  - Marie Lu

More world-building in this one... but of a kind that didn't convince me. Bad totalitarianism vs. bad capitalism... Meh.

I wasn't convinced either when it came to the characters, as these supposedly "geniuses" have sharp thoughts at times, only to behave stupidly the next. Day wasn't that much active throughout the novel, and there was *a lot* of angsting and running in circles instead of simply communicating with each other (not to mention the plot twist about Day at the end). The political plot could've been more interesting, considering what and who were involved, but in the end was just glossed over in favour of the angst. Also, love triangle... quadrangle... polygon? Although it's probably unfair on my part because of how jaded I am with all the mandatory-romance-in-every-YA-novel. It just didn't bring anything to the story or characters. Tess used to be that cute girl, already competent and gifted enough to become a really good medic; why couldn't she stay best buddy/surrogate little sister to Day?

A couple of nice scenes, though. Climbing buildings and trains, stealing a fighter jet. Badass Kaede is badass, and not such the annoying person she appeared at first. 

[spoiler]Too bad she dies.[/spoiler]

Most annoying thing is that I'll probably read volume 3, since I got the bundle and now kind of feel like I need to read all the books before selling or giving them. They're not long... and I still have that hope of seeing things getting tied up more convincingly at the end.