Grumpy Cat Volume 1

Grumpy Cat Volume 1 - Royal McGraw, Elliot Serrano, Ben Fisher, Steve Uy

[I received a copy of this novel through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]

Cute graphics, and the familiar expression of “Grumpy Cat” was well-rendered, but in terms of stories, this book didn't do much for me. It was funny... but no more than that. It made me smile... but no more than that either.

The interactions between Grumpy and Pokey were of the silly kind (in a nice way): Pokey as the over-enthusiastic and a little simple-minded cat, wanting to have adventures with the neighbouring dog among others, and Grumpy being the sarcastic, deadpan-snarking sister (I never knew whether GP was a male or a female—well, it's a female here, apparently). The whole book has a Garfield vibe, and I think this is clearly on purpose: Grumpy needs her coffee, the dog is as stupid as Odie, Garfield has Nermal while Grumpy has Pokey... also Pokey kind of sounds like Pooky, Garfield's teddy bear. Not sure whether this is more homage or merely trying to use the success of both the GP meme and Garfield. Garfield, in any case, is much better in my opinion.

The graphics, as said above, were cute, and pretty good in general. I got an ARC “only”, so a few pages were a bit blurry and hard to read, even on my computer (full screen PDF) and not on my tabler; however, I don't have any doubts that the paper version shall not display such defects.

Was it a good idea to translate this into comics form? I'm honestly not sure, Maybe it'll work for some readers; as far as I'm concerned, though, I think Grumpy Cat is definitely better suited to demotivation posters and meme images in general, and doesn't lend itself so well to anything longer (even if it's only a few pages long).

It was a light, somewhat funny read, but one I'll quickly forget. I'm going to look at my Grumpy Cat GIFs instead.