The End of Magic

The End of Magic - Mark Stay

That was a fun and intense read. I'd say it's between grim fantasy and a somewhat humorous one, the latter mainly owing to the dialogues (Malachy was definitely one of my favourites in terms of dialogues). The world depicted here is not a nice one. As magic disappears overnight, former mages that previously held people in check through the threat of their powers find themselves on the other end of the leash, and it's not going well for them. Meanwhile, a warlord uses this to raise to power and overthrow the current kings. Amidst this chaos, former mages Rosheen and Sander must make their ways—one trying not to get killed, the other desperately looking for her brother Oskar, a defenceless moon child. (Moon children being affected by the very same moon that allowed magic to exist, and left as impeded people who can't see and hear well, can't form words, and live in a perpetual fog.)

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Some parts were hard to read, because they depicted abject behaviours (the villain and the men doing his bidding and definitely, well, villains) and because there were some characters whom I really wanted to get a break. But the story was always enthralling, never boring—actually, I read it through the Pigeonhole, and I ended up piling on the last five staves just so that I wouldn't get interrupted every 10% of the book in my reading. :D

If anything, the ending, though, felt too abrupt. I see how we got there, and the final decision does make sense, but I felt that it was harsh, not giving the affected character enough of a second chance (there was absolutely no talk of trying to reason with them some more later, and in a way, that was maybe the most cruel decision in the whole book?). Also, there were still some things left without an answer, and... I just wanted an answer, haha.