The Timekeeper's Son (The Timekeepers, #1)

The Timekeeper's Son (The Timekeepers, #1) - Mike E. Miller (Book provided by the author through ARR #590 in the Making Connections group, in exchange for an honest review.)

Overall an interesting book, along the idea of "what would you do if you could go back to the past and change something." It avoided falling into a lot of clich├ęs I expect of such a genre (for instance, "let's go back in 1938 and kill Hitler"), while also addressing the matter of time paradox, in that, of course, whatever gets changed in the past will affect the future, and so the 'old' life the character would like to go back to wouldn't exist anymore, not per se, at least.

The backdrop provided, that of the Timekeepers' organization, was interesting, and I liked the trigger to time-travel that was revealed later on in the book. It was shocking, yet also logical in a way.

I was less thrilled at the second part of the book, though. I found the Timekeepers to be perhaps a little too... naive?... in their dealings. As if they should've been able to expect and do more, but didn't. Instead, Andy was the one who seemed to understand the most, when he was actually the one who should've been the most clueless. (Granted, he was the main character, and a main character who doesn't *do* anything and only lets things happen would be boring. It's just the behaviour of other characters that seemed somewhat contradictory to me.)

No matter what, I do think there's potential to the world created here. I would probably be interested in reading the next installment, especially if it were to reveal more about the Timekeepers and how they work exactly.