The Mother of All Viruses

The Mother of All Viruses - John Kovacich (Book provided by the author through ReadIt & Reap 177 in the Shut Up & Read group, in exchange for an honest review.)

A fairly interesting read—perhaps a little heavy on the technical terms and descriptions? I managed to follow, but someone who's less computer-savvy and not into quantum physics may actually have a hard time putting everything together. I guess this might count as both a good or a bad point, depending on who's concerned.

The characters weren't the most developed ever, but they "worked" in their roles in the story, although I admit I wasn't really thrilled about Dierdre in the beginning (she seemed too laid back about her project, leaving things to chance).

The story goes through a lot of twists, making the reader unsure about what exactly is going to happen, and as such, it's quite the page-turner. If there's one thing I'd find fault with, it'd be its pace, which I found uneven—I had expected the whole end-of-the-world aspect to appear sooner, and this may account for my opinion here.

As for the writing, mostly it was good, but I think it would need some editing in places (I spotted some typos), mostly in terms of tense shifts; there were enough occurrences of present tense suddenly thrown in the middle of the narrative (in past tense) for me to be a little annoyed after a while. Alas, I'm not the kind of reader that manages to ignore this aspect.

Regardless, I had a good time reading this book.