The Intern's Tale - Shawn Keenan 3.5 stars, rather than only 3.

I guess this is one of those books that will either make it or break it: the alliance of science-fiction and feudal systems may seem quite uncanny and implausible to some, while it'll be highly appealing to others. I'm in the latter case: I really dug the mechomares, the blending of corporate 'customs' with a mediaeval-like system, and so on. If such ideas seem appealing to you as well, then this book may very well be for you. Being familiar with sci-fi/fantasy in general will also be of help, because the author gives some information in ways that demand they be pieced together by the reader. Among those are the Generex and Subjugators, for instance; I had no trouble understanding early enough, but I'm used to this kind of information-dishing.

The story also features a really kick-ass female lead, a.k.a. Abbey, who shows initiative, thinks for herself, and fends for herself. The Damsel In Distress trope is actually reversed more than often here, and I appreciated this.

On the other hand, I think some things were a little rushed. Some events I'd have deemed key-points were treated too fast to my liking, and a few times, I got the feeling that the author rushed through those to get the characters reunited as fast as possible. In itself, it's not a bad choice, but considering said characters' circumstances, I would've wanted to be given more details. (And I can't help but feel that somehow, the story calls for a sequel!)