Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, #3)

Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, #3) - Jim Butcher Although my opinion may still change later on, when I get to read the next books, I think I can consider this one, for now, as a turning point for me in this series. It contains less of what I hadn't appreciated in the first two, and hands out more glimpses into the bigger story. I like how the author used past characters and events from the previous books to forward what seems to be a bigger arc, and even elements that seemed inconspicuous at first were given to play an important part. Things are becoming grittier here, with fuel for tragedy, and if said tragedy is partly defused, it is in a way that can't bring anything too good in turn either. There's no easy and nice exit for Mr. Dresden here.

Also, yay for vampires that don't sparkle, and show instead the real monsters underneath. Somehow, I do hope we'll get to see Mavra again in later books. She's intriguing. And Yay for Harry's completely nutty plan of poisoning himself to escape Lea. That was so overkill—no pun intended—and daring, and probably exactly the kind of insane plan I'd be able to come up with during a RPG session, too.

One reproach concerns Michael, or rather, the way he was introduced. Although plots that start in medias res are something I like, I felt that his appearance in the novel was sort of rushed, as if I had missed some 2.5 story between "Fool Moon" and "Grave Peril". On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised: I usually don't care much for holy knights-like characters, yet this one quickly became enjoyable.