The Years of Rice and Salt

The Years Of Rice And Salt - Kim Stanley Robinson Interesting in its own ways—especially if you like to read about reincarnation, since the book spans several centuries of history seen through the eyes and experiences of a jati, a group of people who keep crossing paths from one life to the other. There's something fascinating about how those "heroes" and "heroines" assume their roles in their different lives, cast as they are in various countries, social situations and even genders.

On the other hand, I think the premise of this novel is kind of misleading. I was expecting something else, and even though I ended up enjoying it anyway, I'm also a little disappointed that it didn't deal with the aftermath of the plague in a narrative with stakes closer to what the blurb promised, perhaps. Besides, I found the alternate history developed in the book to be a little too close to the one we know. Here was an opportunity to go with something radically different, yet it felt too similar to our real history to be truly satisfying.