King Arthur (Myths and Legends)

King Arthur - Daniel Mersey (I received this book from NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)

One thing I can't deny "King Arthur" is how well-presented and beautiful the book is. Even though I only had the PDF version, I could see that the paper version must be quite nice to have in one's hands.

The book offers a summary of the traditional, literary Arthurian corpus, then focuses more on what mught have been actual historical sources. In itself, it's pretty short, but said corpus is so wide anyway that I think we have to take this book as an introduction and an invitation to check out facts and fiction by ourselves.

If anything, though, I found the first part to be somewhat paradoxical: it would be a good introduction for newcomers to the Arthurian legends, yet at the same time, the author glosses over those a little too fast for a real newcomer to get everything in.