Slide  - Jill Hathaway A fast and OK read to end the year, though I'll probably quickly forget about it. Which is too bad, since I thought I'd like this book more. Oh, well.

The idea of sliding was what appealed me, but the way it was exploited didn't satisfy me. At some moments I wished that the author would give us more explanations about it; at some others, that it was a graceless plot device; or that it wasn't consistent enough, especially with the part where Vee realizes she can control the people she 'slides' into: it happened, yet it wasn't really useful, except for watching some photos and things like that.

The characters were mostly bland and a little cliché--something that works well in some YA novels, and not so well in others. Some of their behaviours also annoyed me (Vee was incredibly rude and tactless regarding Rollins, for instance), and the romance between Vee and Zane was just 'meh' (the story would've been the same without it: a budding friendship would've had just as much impact, and as a romance, that relationship didn't have much interest on top of it).

The mystery part was just okay. I got it a long time before the end, and kept on wondering how it was that Vee, who so easily suspected X or Y based on one little thing, didn't do the math with the real hints sooner. The killer's motivations were too strained (killing one girl wasn't enough, no, it had to be all the girls who were the same age, and also their senior friends and others while we're at it? Huh?), not to mention that this person was shoved out of the way very quickly and conveniently. After that, the end just fell flat.

All in all, it wasn't a really bad book, but I expected more, and it didn't deliver.