Hex Hall Book One

Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins A quick, easy and fast-paced read, that I went through in a matter of a few hours.

On the downside, it contains your average amount of typical YA-high school clich├ęs (the popular girls picking on the heroine; said heroine and her best friends being considered as freaks; smokin' hot love interest whoe girlfriend happens to become one of the very girls who pick on the heroine...), and after a while, if you read a lot of YA, those tend to become a little tedious. Also, the plot isn't that much developed, and remains simple (though I guess it has opened up enough doors to provide for an interesting next book).

On the bright side, Sophie was a fun character to read about, being wittier than usual roles like hers in YA stories, sometimes putting her foot in her mouth in ways that made me laugh, and not dwelling too much in angst--there is some, only it remains on an acceptable level for such a story. She also proved to be a good person, who stood for her friends, even though she's not immune to a few petty thoughts and deeds, like many normal teenagers, I'd say. Other characters, such as Jenna (lesbian vampire pink-dazzling roommate for the win!) or the headmistress, were enjoyable as well. And Archer seems definitely like the kind of person who's got much more going behind the scenes than just 'smexy potential boyfriend'.

I wouldn't deem this book as exceptional nor revolutionizing the genre, but still as fun, with interesting ideas and possibilities. I think I'll pick the next one at some point.