Dearly Devoted Dexter (Dexter Series #2)

Dearly Devoted Dexter  - Jeff Lindsay I couldn't help and read it, since I already had the ebook and didn't want this to have been for naught, not to mention that I wished to see with my own eyes how it differed from the TV series, but... that second installment didn't satisfy me either. While I found Dexter's voice more interesting and bearable than in the first, the other characters remain just as one-dimensional as they were in it (and the new characters aren't better in that regard). And I doubt I can chalk that to the first-person POV, because there are plenty of authors who use such a narrative structure and still manage to create lively, believable characters. I just can't believe that cops, all the cops, would be so dumb and sitting around on their asses waiting while one of their own is missing. (This is only one of the inconsistencies of their behaviour; another one would be Deborah's lack of reaction regarding what she must suspect about her brother.)

I found the idea behind the killer pretty thrilling, even though it was extremely disturbing, too (being maimed is definitely a bigger fear for me than 'just' being killed); however, it seems to me that the author suffered here too from a bad case of Rushed Endings, and added Villain Decay to the lot (seriously, I would have expected something better from a bad guy that had been presented as extremely skilled and clever).

The only thing that might get me to read the third book is the bit about Cody—somehow I'd like to know how this part of the storyline will unfold. But I'm not sure. In the meantime, I'll still much prefer the Showtime series.