One Last Lie

One Last Lie - Rob Kaufman (Book provided by the author through ARR #436 in the Making Connections group, in exchange for an honest review.)

This book proved a little hard for me to read, because I kept on wishing well to the two main male characters, since they were so sweet... yet I knew from the beginning that it couldn't end well for them, and so, as odd as it may sound, I sometimes found it hard to go on reading. By not reading, I'd delay the unavoidable.

I so enjoyed the relationship between Philip and Jonathan; it had a caring, vibrant dynamics, and they looked and felt to me like people who'd really deserve to be happy, especially after a first scare (Philip's cancer, that left him sterile--this isn't really a spoiler, you learn it pretty early in the book). The love between these two men was strong, almost tangible. They were characters I ended up caring about deeply, and this isn't something that happens too often with me. I kept wanting to tell them "guys, there's really something wrong with that Angela woman, get the hell away from her, like, fast!" (Angela, yes, I couldn't stand. Not because she had issues, but because it seemed to me that even with those issues under control, she was still, deep at heart, a cold, manipulative personality who only cared about herself, and was ready to go to many lengths, through many lies, to get what she wanted.)

If there's one thing I regret, it's that the story was predictable enough to me. Half into the novel, perhaps a little earlier than that, even, I figured out most of what was going to happen; as I went on reading, I didn't want to see my suspicions confirmed, and alas, they were. But in the end, it doesn't matter: predictable or not, this book remains strong anyway for its characters, for the relationships that tie (and separate) them, for the intense feelings that go through it.