Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga)

Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga #1) - H.D. Gordon I picked this book because I had read another novel from the same author ("Joe") and had absolutely loved it. This time, though, I unfortunately didn't enjoy my read as much. (However, I'm also aware that this is the author's debut novel, and you can really feel the difference between this one and her latest work, which is definitely a good point.)

The world developed in "Blood Warrior" is an interesting one, especially on the political level, where something's definitely amiss and has a nice smell of utopian society on the outside, while being probably rotten to the core on the inside. But I'd have liked this world to be more developed--or rather, to know more about the supernatural creatures that people it, for while we're told that there are werewolves and three species of vampires, I found it somewhat hard to distinguish some things from others. Sometimes I'd lose the 'feeling' of what exactly differenciate those species from each other.

The characters in general, while likeable enough, with their strong points and weaknesses, seemed a little bland to me. Alexa's emotions were strong, too strong at times, yet I couldn't feel close to her, and the way she went through them left me quite detached along the story. Also, I didn't enjoy the love triangle between Alexa and the boys, because I felt as if it was kind of mandatory to have. I doubt the story would have been less interesting if those guys had been/remained friends, without all the banter and allusions about "she's mine", "no she's my girlfriend", and so on (maybe those lines were delivered as jokes, but it still was a little weird). As if a triangle wasn't enough, we actually get a square with Tommy's arrival, which made me wonder what was the point here. Or perhaps I've read too many YA novels in too little time, and am getting bored with love triangles, girls surrounded with handsome males, and special, unique heroines who gets everyone's attention? I don't know. It just seemed somewhat forced to me, and none of the love interests appeal to me nor make me care about who gets the girl in the end.

In terms of writing, I regularly found spelling and grammar mistakes in the text (their/they're...), enough to annoy my eyes much too trained to spot typos and the likes. It wouldn't prevent me from going on reading, but it was still annoying.

I think the biggest problem I had with this novel was that once I was done reading, I was under the impression that it was mostly a backdrop for the real plot to come, instead of a story in itself--the 'cliffhanger' at the end would have been good to close the first part of a book, but not a whole book, so to say. Now, as I mentioned before, the world developed here seems to be interesting, and probably will be much more once more is known about it. So maybe I'll still check the next volume at some point to see where it leads me.