A Demon Made Me Do It: A Demonblood Novel

A Demon Made Me Do It - Penelope King (Book read and reviewed for {Read It & Reap 55} in the Shut Up And Read group.)

Told from the points of view of both Liora and Lucky, the story deals with a girl who's human during the day, and half-demon at night. While they share the same body (and are basically the same soul, only cut in two), Liora doesn't know what Lucky does, and conversely. Every day seems to be the same old drill for Liora: going to school to follow classes she knows by heart and isn't interested in, while being labelled the school freak and not having any real friend to speak of. Every night also seems to be the same for Lucky: a trip to the Demon world, minor demons to hunt, humans to punish for their deeds. Until a new boy, Kieron, enrolls in Liora's school.

I was a little afraid that the tone of the book would be too reminiscent of your typical teen angst, especially in the chapters focusing on Liora (who seemingly likes to wallow in all the bad sides of her life, without enjoying the good moments); and the constant rejecting of fault on each other got tiring after a while, even though it was also understandable, given their circumstances. At times, it deterred me from the pleasure of reading. Fortunately, the first chapters still managed to get me in fairly easily. The world inhabited by the demons is interesting, nicely described, and its layers and social links make it clear that Liora/Lucky's situation is even trickier than the pitch promised at first.

Kieron's first appearance didn't do much for me. Typical good-looking boy with dazzling smile and eyes, with all the popular girls flitting around him like flies, but the only one to really catch his interest is unpopular Liora (who's actually a hottie, but doesn't want to believe it; thanks Satan Lucky is here to be cool, sassy, and make her wear sexy clothes and make-up). Granted, the reason why gets revealed later on; at first, it gave way to quite a little bit of eye-rolling. I enjoyed reading about Lucky more than about Liora, though the latter got better in the end; I guess Lucky is just more my type of character. As for Kieron... I still can't decide if I disliked him or if he was at least mildly bearable. The character I liked the most, all in all, was Bones; there's no particular reason, in fact, I just liked his way of behaving and his personality—straightforward incubus, but also very loyal to his friends.

It was an enjoyable read, but it could've been better, notably in terms of pacing. The way the point of view is carried between Lucky and Liora sometimes leaves certain things in the dark in an odd way, or switches at moments that seemed weird to me. The ending was a little abrupt, compared to the relative 'speed' of the rest of the book. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed that ending and the lesson it carried. The themes of 'revenge' and 'how revenge can ruin your life', are something I am deeply interested in. I think that Lucky made the right choice, and that it was quite a positive ending.The book ends on some kind of closure, yet some things are still not resolved, such as the other crimes of the Amazèa, some elements about Kieron's employment, or whether Liora and Lucky can become one again, and how; and so, in spite of its flaws, I still want to read the next installment.