Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)

Fool Moon - Jim Butcher Thumbs up for the depiction of werewolves and the world of the series itself. It all feels more intriguing and more full of intresting things to unveil than it did in the first story, and I hope that more is indeed revealed in the next installments.

On the other hand, really, Harry: stop thinking that everything is your fault. And TALK to people. Why, I'm sure Murph or anyone else could understand something as simple as "I can't tell you more right now because it'd put you (and maybe I) in danger, but as soon as I get solid info, I'll tell you." Just thinking it gives way to so many misunderstandings that I'm not sure I'll be able to fathom more. Same goes for Murphy, by the way. I know you've been angry at the whole mystery business, girl, but with such background experience in SI, you could have figured out by now that maybe, just maybe, the world of wizards is something complex and full of really dangerous things that can't always be talked about openly.