The Feminine Mystique (Penguin Modern Classics)

The Feminine Mystique - Betty Friedan This book was quite interesting, in that it allowed me to get a closer look at feminism in a period and in a country I'm currently studying about for an exam. It helped me delve deeper into something I thought I knew, yet didn't know that much. Now I understand much better how and why it must have had quite an impact at the time of its first publication. I have experienced myself some of the feelings the author describes—not as a mother and housewife (which I am not), but because there was a time when I was searching for something more than get-married-and-settle-in-the-suburb, too, and felt like there was much more to my life than what I had at the time. In that regard, it pretty much hit home as far as I'm concerned, regarding the memories I have of that bygone period of my life.

Somehow, I even wonder if we're so far from the issue. Even very recently, I was told "why don't you find yourself a man?", as if this would be the solution to everything. Would it, really?

I didn't like it "more than that", though, for the reason that it was a somehow tedious read in our era. The author seems to drag a little too much on some aspects, repeating them several times—I get it that she wanted to drive her point home, and I don't doubt that it was needed at the time, but it made it hard for me to focus at some point, feeling that this or that section wouldn't bring me more.