Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire

I'm having mixed opinions on this one. I really, really liked the Fae world depicted by the author, with its political intricacies, the various breeds of changelings and fae, how they interact, and so on. It holds tremendous potential, especially when you keep track of the whole favours systems, who owes what to whom, and so on. And the Cait Sidhe. I just don't know why I liked those little buggers so much. Not to mention the prickly cutesy of the rose goblins.

However, as far as investigating go, I'm not sure. It seems to me that Toby is relatively passive—at some point, she acknowledges herself that up until now, she's been reacting to things, rather than acting. In a way, it's probably normal for her to still be in shock and denial, after all the years

spent in the pond, her needing to getting reacquainted with a new life, and everything she's lost (her family, contacts, some former friends, etc.).

(show spoiler)

On the other hand, it's problematic because it makes her too weak—which can be interesting, only when it leads to the character growing stronger in turn. I can understand her making wrong decisions (or no decisions at all) in the beginning. But after she dives into the Fae world again

(for instance, Sylvester and Lune aren't holding any grudge; Tybalt doesn't like her but still helps; she's still welcome at Home and at the Tea Gardens...),

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I'd have liked to see her get back on her feet a little more quickly as far as "being a former private eye" entails.

Things seem to be getting better in the end, though, with promises for more efficiency on her part, so I'm still going to keep an eye on the rest of the series.