Disenchanted & Co., Part 2: His Lordship Possessed - Lynn Viehl

(I got a copy of thie book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.
Click here for my review of Part 1.)

I still liked the world developed in this story. It fels solid and sturdy, with lots of building behind the scene, even though we're not to see everything yet (which is normal); anyway, the important part for me is that I could feel it).

The characters remain likeable and interesting. There's more to Lucien than what he allows himself to show: far from perfect, but not the dark villain kind either. Kit is still her savvy self, doing her best to get herself out of predicaments (and her best does work), learning from past "mistakes" (ah, good old drugged cups of tea), as well as refusing to give up in spite of the odds clearly being against her. Thomas, although a little too bland to my taste, tries to help, and genuinely cares for Kit. And I like Rina and her girls.

I couldn't enjoy this book more, though, because of the way the story moved. At some point, I felt it started to unwind too fast, with too many new elements introduced all at once, especially in terms of the world's mythology. As I mentioned, this world's interesting, but some of its most secret parts would've been easier to stomach if they had been unveiled more gradually. Some links seemed to be missing: for instance, I didn't really saw how Kit came to the conclusion that "the real culprit behind all this is X".

And I'm really not satisfied with the ending. It paves the way for Disenchanted & Co. (as a business), but the way it unfolded was a device I don't like, too close to a deus ex machina, that negated many of the hardships the characters went through. Sure, it saved the day, but at a heavy cost plot-wise, at least in my opinion. I'd have preferred things to take a darker direction, as painful as it would have been for the characters.