The Iron Daughter  - Julie Kagawa


Good ideas and world-building—I really like the series' take so far on the Summer/Winter courts (a classic, but also a must-have) with the addition of a potential third court—because the Iron fey definitely have that potential, and while their existence the whole balance in jeopardy, they also open up a realm of new possibilities.

The characters, on the other hand... I found Meghan somewhat bland in the first book, here she was annoying on top of it. I don't know where that love thing with Ash sprang from (it's like it happened out of nowhere), and the love triangle looks like the kind where the Bad Boy wins at the end, so why even bother rooting for the Best Friend? Alas, that kind of thing definitely throws me off. Meghan could've become so much more interesting if some love interest hadn't been in the way. As for others, I liked Grimalkin and

Ironhorse, who showed honour and loyalty but, I regret to say, laid down his life for a moron who didn't deserve him.

(show spoiler)

I'm not sure yet if I'll read the next novel in this series. It seems better than this one, so I'll see.