Jack: The Tale of Frost - Tony Bertauski

[I got a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.
However, that was a few months ago—I totally missed the Archiving deadline—so I don't know if my copy is actually an ARC, or if it's exactly the same as the one that was officially published. Apologies for my taking so long to reading the book.]


Rating this book is hard. I read other works by this author, and liked them a lot, but somehow, this one didn’t elicit the same response from me. (I also preferred the first book in this series, Claus.)


There were beautiful things in this story, some of them in their sadness (Frost’s part, Sura), some comical, some that were both (Jack’s time among the humans, their instant rejection and his subsequent obnoxious ways). The plot itself also spins a very particular tale, and if you haven’t read Claus, then you’re going to miss on several details and connections.


I guess the main problem for me was that I felt disconnected from the characters, and would have wanted to get to know them more, “walk” with them some more—especially for the last 20%, when light is shed on several aspects of the plan. Perhaps I also wanted Sura and Joe to play more of a part in it? It’s hard to tell, but it made me feel frustrated.


On the writing side, I noticed a few jarring tense shifts now and then. However, as I said, I don’t know if my copy was the final release, or an ARC, so those may not remain in the published product.