Dreams and Shadows

Dreams and Shadows - C. Robert Cargill

I quite enjoyed the darker aspects of the book—gruesome in parts, tragic in others, and not the happy-ever-after kind of story. Fairies aren't all glittery stuff, and I always like it when I get to see that side of theirs.

On the downside, I couldn't connect with the characters. They didn't strike me as particularly remarkable. Ewan especially seemed more like a plot device, someone who was here so that stuff happened to him, and not someone who had an existence of his own. As for Knocks, he could've been a good opportunity for questioning (is one doomed to hate and resent, or is there a way to go forward and break the cycle, for instance), but he remained a flat villain throughout the story. I didn't care about the characters in general, so I didn't care about what happened to them either. That was too bad; they had interesting stories to tell, but in the end they felt like fillers. I also didn't care much for the "lessons" about the various kinds of faeries; I could easily find this elsewhere if I really needed it, and as they were, those inserts broke the flow of the story.

I wanted to like this novel more. Alas, it didn't come to pass.