Panic - Lauren Oliver

Not a bad book, and I thoroughly enjoyed the oppressive, gloomy atmosphere of that small town from which people long to escape, at any cost, even that of playing a dangerous game. For this, for its ability to depict such bleak surroundings, this novel's definitely worth the read.

However, I couldn't really connect to any of the characters, and there were too many things left unanswered to my liking. Mostly I would've wanted to know more about how Panic came to be. How come it's been lasting for years, everybody and their dog seems to know about it, but the police have never been able to do so? Are they so incompetent? And there was a definite lack of consequences regarding a lot of events. Illegal possession of

dangerous animals that end up escaping

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? No consequence. Someone ends up dying in a fire, but it's OK because

actually he was already dead before the fire started.

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I just couldn't wrap my mind around such things. One would've been all right; that many shattered my suspension of disbelief.