Dark Child

Dark Child (The Awakening): Omnibus Edition - Adina West

(I got a copy of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)

In the beginning, I found the story interesting... Then I lost interest pretty quickly, and struggled to finish it.

The premise was what drew me to it; while the whole vampire/shapeshifter thing is nothing new in urban fantasy, the mythology behind those here was pleasant to discover, though a bit heavy sometimes in terms of information dumping. I also liked Kat at first, as she took matters in hands, analysed her own blood to try and find out what the anomalies in it meant, and so on.

Unfortunately, it didn't last. Mostly I'd chalk this out to four factors:

1) The pacing. At some point, I was seriously going into cabin fever mode, itching to read something else than "characters remain cooped up in hiding in some house in the mountains". When action happened, it came a little too late to my liking, and was over too quickly. It made me think, really, so that was it? After that, the ending seemed to drag, too.

2) The characters. Kat turned out to be a rather bland, passive person who let a lot of other people talk about her as if she was an object (right under her nose). Some of it was understandable, because at some point she was compelled to remain quiet, through the use of another character's power. But it went on later, even when such powers weren't enacted anymore. I had good hopes for this character, and she clearly didn't live up to them, not even a little. The others had a few distinctive features, but they never struck me as remarkable in any way. As for the "villains"... Yeah, well, not very active either.

3) The romance. Completely useless in my opinion. It didn't bring anything to the plot, and the two male ends of the love triangle never registered as interesting for me. The only redeeming feature in it was Kat at least realising that getting involved with the Bad Boy wasn't such a great idea.

4) Borderline Too Stupid To Live decisions. Totally subjective factor here, because I'm a geek and I get that people who're less tech-savvy than I wouldn't necessarily consider such issues, but... Seriously, when you're on the lam, you do not use your cell phone to call your parents. Hello there? GPS tracking? Stuff like Facebook apps registering your location? Bad guys tapping the line? Whatever?

I wanted to like it. I really did. Alas, alas...