Sidekick - Auralee Wallace

(I got a copy of this book throuhg NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)

OK for the most part, in that it provided me with a fluffy, fast, light reading, but nothing I'll remember much, I'm afraid.

I liked the basic idea of the ex-rich girl deciding to tackle on the role of a hero's sidekick: I thought it held a lot of potential for funny situations as well as superhero gadgets à la Batman. However, those situations were either not exploited enough to my liking, or too ridiculous to be actually funny. I smiled a few times, but after a while, Bremy's membership in the Too Stupid To Live club reached such epic proportions that I would just roll my eyes and wonder why anyone even bothered with her, from her shady landlord to Ryder and Bart. Smaller doses of such clueless behaviours would've been funny in my eyes; here, there were just too many for me to care enough to laugh.

The characters in general weren't fleshed out, and remained at face value level. While normally, this could work in humorous stories, at least in my own reading experience, a little depth is still somewhat needed for me to fully appreciate a cast. There wasn't much of an explanation for Queenie's involvement, for instance, and the whole thing with Jenny indeed seemed to have moved way too fast (one month?). Some elements remained unexplained, some loose ends weren't tied, making the novel seem like it's begging for a sequel. The villain's plan also felt too stale. The love interest sparked zero interest here on my part. Again, it was supposed to be funny, I know. Only it just didn't work in my case, owing to Bremy's TSTL quality and Pierce's naivety. That combo was a deadly one (not in a good nor amusing way).

Overall, this novel felt as if it was trying too hard to be funny, and in the end, it became sort of... tiring. Much to my dismay, because it's one of the genres (humour + loser heroes) I'm usually attracted to.